The people we support aren’t the only people we care about - we’re deeply invested in our team and in turn, our team make us what we are. Running throughout our history as a staff-owned non-profit mutual to our more recent move becoming one of the first staff-led charities in the UK, every employee has a say in how Good Things Foundation is run.

Our Values

We're positive

It's not a sin to be ambitious. We're set on creating change through digital and the 2 million people we intend to help by 2020 is just the start.

We're collaborative

Good partnerships are key to what we do. We love to share our knowledge and there's nothing better than connecting with people who share our vision.

We're curious

Finding things out is just one of the things we do well. We love to be informed and the only way to find things out is to always be asking the right questions.

We're people-focused

No matter what we're doing, people come first. Whether investing in our staff or designing a community learning programme, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate fully.

We're creative

There's always more than one way of doing something. We might not always take the obvious route but we make new discoveries along the way to getting it done.