National Digital Inclusion Network

Discover the National Digital Inclusion Network; thousands of organisations providing free local support for people to use and access the internet.

What is the National Digital Inclusion Network?

Formerly known as the Online Centres Network, the National Digital Inclusion Network is made up of organisations across the UK – all working to fix the digital divide. We call these organisations digital inclusion hubs. They deliver deliver a range of free services that help people access or learn how to use the internet locally in their own communities – check out our map to find one near you!

Digital inclusion hubs are already helping people get affordable access and learn skills to use the internet. But this is only the beginning. To make sure everyone has an equal chance to benefit from the digital world, we need more organisations to get involved. Organisations can make a difference for digitally excluded people by registering as a member of the National Digital Inclusion Network for free.

How we support the National Digital Inclusion Network

Good Things Foundation enable organisations in the National Digital Inclusion Network to deliver free digital inclusion support to their local communities. This means that members of the Network can access these services to provide people for free, including:

  • Free mobile data packages for their communities through the National Databank
  • Free refurbished devices for people in need through the National Device Bank
  • Free digital skills training through our flagship online platform, Learn My Way, helping people gain confidence to use the internet
  • Regular digital inclusion grants and community funding opportunities

Find out more about the services we provide for members of the National Digital Inclusion Network.

What it means to be part of the National Digital Inclusion Network

Joining the National Digital Inclusion Network means organisations can access the support, tools and knowledge to reach and help more digitally excluded people. Read about the impact our support has had for these members of the Network:

“Our involvement with the [National Digital Inclusion Network] has enabled us to reach new people. Having the devices and resources meant that… we reached refugees and asylum seekers, a group we have been trying to engage for some time.

“I would encourage other community organisations to join the [National Digital Inclusion Network] as it helps to connect you to other community organisations with a similar vision… you’ll learn new skills, the website is filled with free information and opportunities. Joining the Network has enabled our centre to grow.” 

“Receiving this support [as a member of the National Digital Inclusion Network] has provided a highly needed resource to the women we support who often face intersectional barriers. It has enabled us as an organisation with no core funding, by enhancing our capacity to address digital access and improve quality of life for women and their families.

“Most [of the women receiving tablets and data] are young mothers with young children and migrants living in temporary shared accommodation. Supporting them with data and devices has improved their quality of life, as they are now able to study and join our Zoom webinars, help their children with homework, undertake safeguarding training and ongoing online activities.

“4MNet, the women we support and their families really appreciate the support provided and would like to say a huge thank you to Good Things Foundation for the vital support.” 

“We receive devices to give to users, we provide training and distribute devices to the people who need them. Learn My Way, the data and devices from being in the Network are all very useful to us… Now we’re helping other organisations to break the digital exclusion barriers in their communities. 

Because Good Things Foundation are able to reach out to bigger organisations and government officials, it means the issue of digital exclusion is being taken more seriously, and that’s helping grassroots organisations like us so we can show the need for the issue of digital exclusion to be addressed. So working with Good Things and being a part of the Network is really important to us. ”

Help digitally excluded people in your communities

Members of the National Digital Inclusion Network provide support to groups and people who need help to use or access the internet and digital devices.  If you’re interested in joining the Network, check out the benefits of joining and express your interest today - it’s no-obligation, and free (to both apply and join!).

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