What we do

Our vision is a world where everyone benefits from digital - we want people to be digitally able, equal and safe, so they can be happier, healthier and better off.

Network centre staff and learners smiling at each other

The network We partner with community organisations, creating impact, locally and together as a network.

Computer showing a databank voucher transaction

National Databank We work with partners to provide free data to people in need.

Happy woman holding a tablet and phone

National Device Bank We source and refurbish devices to distribute to people in need.

We improve people’s lives, individually and at scale

82% of the people we support are socially excluded

Thousands of organisations are part of our movement in the UK

Over 3.5 million people worldwide have been supported to gain digital skills since 2010

We co-design free online learning resources to help people take their first and further steps online

We're builders. We build networks, we build learning products and we build awareness. The things we build are the platforms we use for raising awareness of the digital divide.

Learn My Way A free platform for digital learning, providing digital skills and increased confidence to those supported by the Digital Inclusion Network.

Good Things Foundation Learning Australia Our Australian online learning platform has specially designed courses and curated free resources to help people improve their digital skills.

We work hard to improve digital capability for all


Our campaigns

We're campaigners. People who are digitally excluded people lack a voice and visibility in the modern world, as government services and democracy increasingly move online.

What we're up to

  • A digital future is our choice: what kind of modern Britain do we want?

    22/04/2024 · News | Our thoughts

    A digital future is our choice: what kind of modern Britain do we want?

    Good Things' Group CEO, Helen Milner OBE, reflects on her discussion with Martha Lane Fox and their shared vision for a connected Britain.

  • Samuel’s story: From digitally clueless to connected

    22/04/2024 · Our stories

    Samuel’s story: From digitally clueless to connected

    Samuel's mental health and isolation was almost unbearable, until he found support to get online and learn to use technology. Now he's digitally connected and helping others through volunteering.

  • Martha Lane Fox outlines her vision for a green, digital economy

    12/04/2024 · News

    Martha Lane Fox outlines her vision for a green, digital economy

    Businesswoman and philanthropist, Martha Lane Fox joined Good Things Foundation to share her thoughts on modern Britain - and how we can be the greenest and most digital economy in the world.


The people behind the movement

We’re deeply invested in our team and in turn, our team make us what we are. Throughout our history we've been a staff-owned non-profit mutual, and were one of the first staff-led charities in the UK. Every member of our team has a say in how Good Things is run.