Learn My Way

Digital skills support is at the heart of the National Digital Inclusion Network. Learn My Way helps people with low or no digital skills to gain confidence and learn how to use the internet and digital technologies.

Learn My Way: free bite-sized learning for beginner digital skills

Learn My Way is a free online platform that helps people gain basic digital skills and improve their digital literacy to make the most of our online world. Our bite-sized topics are suitable for beginners that have no or low digital skills, allowing everyone to benefit from using digital devices and accessing essential online services.

There are hundreds of digital inclusion hubs delivering Learn My Way across the UK. People can visit registered hubs in their local communities and get support to sign up for and use Learn My Way. Alternatively, people can access digital skills topics independently on Learn My Way using their own devices. Learn My Way is available in English and Welsh.

Over 70,000 people use Learn My Way every year

Over 800 Digital Inclusion Hubs use Learn My Way

Developing essential digital skills through bite-sized topics

Learn My Way is packed with over 100 free topics on essential digital skills, covering subjects from the basics of using a touch screen through to using technology for social and financial inclusion. The platform is flexible to allow people to learn their own way; whether it’s on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile and they’re accessing it daily, weekly, or during a 15-minute tea break. 

Learners can pick and choose which topic they’d like to start based on their digital needs and learning goals. Topics include:

Setting a safe password and using authentication

Creating an email account

Video calling and social media platforms

Using a touchscreen, keyboard and mouse

Online safety and dealing with online scams

Using online government, healthcare and council services

How to access Learn My Way

I’d like to deliver Learn My Way to people at my organisation

Whether your organisation supports low-income families, people with disabilities, vulnerable or disadvantaged groups, older adults, jobseekers, immigrants, refugees or marginalised communities – Learn My Way is suitable for anyone with beginner or no digital skills. 

If your organisation supports people in your community, you can use Learn My Way to help them learn digital skills, for free. Learn My Way is available in English and Welsh.

To access Learn My Way as an organisation, you’ll need to join the National Digital Inclusion Network. The Network is made up of thousands of digital inclusion hubs across the UK, all working to tackle digital exclusion by delivering digital support for their communities – whether that’s free digital skills training through Learn My Way, free devices through the National Device Bank or free mobile data through the National Databank.

It’s free to join and by becoming a member you’ll be able to benefit from a range of services and support from Good Things Foundation, including:

  • Access to the National Databank and National Device Bank
  • Digital skills tutor resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Free member training which has been co-designed and is co-delivered with the Network, such as good practice in digital inclusion, working in partnership for digital inclusion, and using Learn My Way to support asylum seekers, refugees and ESOL learners

Join the Network

The Network is a growing movement that’s driving real social change by helping people get the support they need to improve their lives through digital. Become a digital inclusion hub to support your local community develop essential digital skills.


I’d like to use Learn My Way to develop digital skills

If you’re interested in signing up for Learn My Way, or want to register on behalf of a friend or family member, visit the Learn My Way website: