Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

Good Things Foundation is committed to inclusion and equality. It’s why we exist. Our mission is to Fix The Digital Divide for good – to ensure everyone can benefit from the digital world. We believe that digital technology can support equality of opportunity – as long as people have the access, skills and support they need.

Working towards this vision is only possible if Good Things Foundation is an organisation that is diverse and inclusive of all people. That’s why we aim to have a trustee board and a staff team which reflects the communities that we support through our work.

We recognise digital inequality as a problem in society. And while our day-to-day work focuses on digital inclusion we know that this fits into a wider pattern of societal inequalities. These problems can’t be solved overnight but we can all be taking action now to ensure a more equitable world.

What are we doing?

We know this work is ongoing. We know that there’s always more to learn. But here’s what we’re doing right now.

What we’ve done

  • We’ve brought together an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion working group of cross-organisational champions.
  • We worked with external diversity and inclusion experts to create our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy and action plan for 2022-23, as well as outlining our longer term ambitions.
  • We’ve committed to transparency in our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion practices by publishing a statement and ongoing actions.
  • We’ve made improvements to our recruitment process to be more inclusive of diverse needs in potential employees.

What we’re currently doing

  • We’re improving our data collection across staff, network and beneficiaries so we can identify issues and measure our progress.
  • We’re developing organisation-wide accessibility guidelines for our digital communications and in-person events.
  • We’re creating an inclusive language guide for our communications.
  • We’re reviewing our organisational policies to ensure they truly reflect our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.



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