Our network

Our network is made up of thousands of community partners in the UK. It reaches deep into communities to help people gain the support and skills they need to change their lives and overcome social challenges.

Providing online support in trusted spaces

Our community partners provide a holistic approach to support, which recognises and works with the individual needs of people. They provide an environment that is effective in addressing the barriers people face.

Donna's story

Community partner Destinations At Saltburn helped Donna find information online to help her manage her health and wellbeing, allowing her to become part of an online community that has changed her life for the better.

Resilience through the coronavirus pandemic

Covid-19 and lockdown have impacted not only the work community partners do, but also the people they support. We continue to be amazed by what our network has achieved in the face of this challenge.


Being Woman

"We’ve faced some of the most challenging times of our lives over the last few months at Being Woman – but thanks to the hard work of organisations like Good Things Foundation, small charities like ours have been able to stay afloat."