Partnerships and Fundraising team

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Adam Micklethwaite

Director of Partnerships and Fundraising

With responsibility for Good Things Foundation’s programmes in the UK, Adam builds ambitious and innovative partnerships with Government, charitable foundations and the private sector to address society’s biggest challenges using digital.

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Catherine Mills

Head of Partnerships and Fundraising

Catherine is responsible for leading a portfolio of digital and social inclusion programmes, working closely with her team and a variety of partners to deliver projects which aim to support individuals develop digital skills, confidence and knowledge to improve their lives.

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Danielle Thompson

Fundraising Officer

Danielle joins Sarah in her quest to seek out funding opportunities for Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network. She feels lucky to work with different team members to provide fundraising support, and is inspired everyday to search for new opportunities.

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Francesca Coleman

Head of Partnerships and Fundraising

Francesca's responsible for developing and delivering the digital social inclusion programme which aims to support individuals to improve their lives through digital skills, confidence and capability. She works with her team to manage key relationships that support our organisation strategy.

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Sarah Coe

Bid Development Manager

Sarah is unceasing in her quest to seek out funding opportunities for Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network. She especially enjoys getting the ideas flowing from different team members around specific funding opportunities.

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Natasha Early

Partnerships and Fundraising Manager

Natasha manages partnerships and projects ensuring that the work we do is inclusive and has a positive social impact. Creating a link between funders and beneficiaries, Natasha ensures that support is timely and relevant. She loves engaging with people and learning about where they're at and what they need in order to grow strong.

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Robert Shapiro

Partnerships and Fundraising Manager

Rob is responsible for driving the day to day delivery of a number of projects across Good Things Foundation, along with finding and developing relationships with partners who share our vision for a world where everyone benefits from digital.