Research and Data Insights Team

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Emma Stone

Director of Evidence and Engagement

Emma leads a team of specialist experts - skilled in service design, user research, evaluation, data insights, marketing, communications, external affairs and advocacy.

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Jane Mackey

Senior Evaluation and Research Manager

Jane works alongside other members of the Research Team, to research and evaluate the impact of the services being delivered by Good Things Foundation’s network. She is also responsible for helping the team to collaborate productively and effectively, so they can focus on producing high-quality, and robust, research.

Josh Dodd

Data Analytics Manager

Josh manages the team that creates business and management information to help Good Things make data driven choices. We create dashboards and data readouts for different areas across the organisation.

Katie Heard

Head of Research and Data Insights

Katie leads our team of researchers and data specialists. The research team helps us understand the difference we are making, how many people we are helping and understand what works and how we can improve the lives of those who are digitally excluded. Katie sees equality of access to digital services and devices as a basic need and is passionate about making this possible for as many people as we can.

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Steph Libby

Data Insights Analyst

Steph works with staff throughout Good Things Foundation, helping them work more effectively by analysing data and making graphs and dashboards.

Tom McGrath

Policy and Research Officer

Tom coordinates our Data Poverty Lab and fellowship scheme, helping to design more affordable solutions for the internet. He supports our advocacy by writing consultation responses and working closely with parliamentarians to fix the digital divide for good. Tom also monitors external statistical releases and designs qualitative research projects.