Operations team

A profile photo of Cerys smiling

Cerys Wood

Project Officer

Cerys is responsible for supporting the delivery of various exciting projects at Good Things Foundation, including establishing and maintaining good relationships with new and existing partners.

Gavin Russell

IT Support Technician

Gavin makes improvements to our IT infrastructure, provides internal IT support, and helps implement new processes within the organisation.

Profile photo of Lisa smiling

Lisa Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa leads the way, taking the overview of Good Things Foundation’s plans, resources, and risks. She ensures the development of high-quality and efficient services, programmes, and projects to make Good Things Foundation the leading digital inclusion charity in the UK and beyond.

Profile photo of Megan

Megan Hobbs

Operations Manager

Megan’s role is to provide operational support for projects, particularly looking at process improvement. She gets to work with a range of people across the organisation and beyond, which is ideal since she loves meeting and talking to new people.

A portrait photo of Sital

Sital Mistry

Head of Operations

Sital’s job is to help ensure that Good Things Foundation can deliver its ambitious programme to make a difference to people's lives. As Head of Operations she takes a holistic view of planning, resourcing and risk in the organisation’s operation.

A portrait photo of Thalia smiling

Thalia Gonzalez

Project Manager

Thalia works with Good Things Foundation because she loves bringing people together to make (good) things happen! She works with external partners and project teams throughout the organisation to deliver digital inclusion projects like Make it Click and Everyone Connected.