Network team

A photo of Alison smiling

Alison Broadley

Senior Network Delivery Officer

Alison regularly talks to our network, finding out how they help people learn basic digital skills and use Learn My Way so she can share this with other organisations.

Angela Ellis

Associate Director for Digital Inclusion Delivery

Angela leads the Digital Inclusion Delivery team at Good Things, responsible for making sure they provide a great service to community partners and the people they work with.

A photo of Bryony smiling

Bryony Evans

Senior Network Delivery Officer

The thing that Bryony likes best about her role is that she gets to speak to staff and volunteers from Online Centres regularly. She finds it really interesting to learn about the varied types of organisations that join the Network, and the creative ways in which they support digital skills learning.

A photo of Gabrielle smiling

Gabrielle Woodhams

Head of Network Delivery & Customer Support

Gabi’s team has a dual focus - grant giving and customer support. She leads on providing a robust end to end grant giving service and seeks to maximise the impact of our funding to community partners whilst ensuring strong quality assurance and fraud detection. She also leads and develops the customer support function, ensuring excellent frontline service for our network and our corporate contact channels.

Katy Leigh

Network Delivery and Customer Support Officer

Katy supports with network recruitment and customer support calls. She enjoys reaching out to organisations and hearing about the work they do and how Good Things can help their delivery of digital inclusion support. Katy also takes customer support calls and enjoys the variety and collaborative nature of both roles.

A profile photo of John smiling

Jonathan Bradwell

Network Delivery and Customer Support Manager

At Good Things Foundation, Jonathan is responsible for the delivery of a number of our grant funded programmes, as well as quality and delivery assurance across our portfolio of projects. Alongside this, Jonathan manages the team that offers support to our community partners delivering our projects and using our websites.

Mary Booth

Product and Service Delivery Manager

Mary looks after Learn My Way and the Online Centre Network Membership site, overseeing development and making sure that they are fit for purpose and provide a great user experience for learners and network members.

Profile photo of Sarah smiling

Sarah Maye

Network Delivery and Customer Support Officer

Sarah works on our network team and enjoys hearing about how organisations are supporting people to learn digital skills.