The CRUMBS Project

The CRUMBS Project is a charitable foundation dedicated to supporting disadvantaged adults by providing learning and development programmes which enable them to develop a wide range of professional and life skills.


Project overview

Project name: CRUMBS Digital PATHS
Theme: Jobs, skills and financial health
Location: Bournemouth

The CRUMBS Digital PATHS project is a new initiative aimed at reducing digital exclusion and promoting the employment and independent living possibilities of the disadvantaged adults aged 18-70 in Bournemouth and surrounding areas.

To live happy, healthy lives where they are actively employed, can live independently in modern society and manage their own money, disadvantaged adult trainees need to be provided with the opportunities to learn new skills and confidence to be able to achieve their goals.

Through Power Up 2.0, the project will create a new training and development programme, known as CRUMBS Digital PATHS, to increase the breadth and depth of the support offered to disadvantaged adults in and around Bournemouth to further encourage them into employment and enable them to live independently.