Power Up

Power Up is a pioneering initiative, launched by Good Things Foundation with the financial support of J.P. Morgan, to drive economic inclusion through digital in communities - powering up people, provision and places.

Digital is changing our lives, our jobs, how we run our businesses and manage our money.

As economic recovery begins, essential digital skills – those we need for everyday life and participation in work – are more vital than ever before. Around 7.6 million workers face redundancy or reduced hours and pay due to Covid-19, and many will lack the essential digital skills required to find new and better work (Mckinsey, 2020). 92% of employers are now saying that they need basic digital skills from their employees (Worldskills UK, 2021). At the same time, 1 in 10 people are struggling to pay bills (Office for National Statistics, 2020) and people in the poorest households are at least four times more likely to be digitally excluded (Ofcom, 2020).

Essential digital skills need prioritisation and investment. This is where Power Up has, and will continue to help.

Power Up was launched in 2019 in the UK as a collaboration between Good Things Foundation and the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation and is a £1 million fund that will help individuals, businesses and communities to become digitally engaged through building the digital skills they need to qualify for in-demand jobs and to improve their financial health.

Building on the success of the first phase of Power Up, Good Things Foundation will deliver a new phase, which aims to reach more people, enhance the digital skills support within community-based organisations.


Our team of researchers went out into communities and spoke to people and businesses to identify the challenges and opportunities around living in the digital age. Take a look at our research reports and get in touch if you want to talk to us about what we do.

With the financial support of

J.P. Morgan