Generation is part of a global charity established in 2005 to empower young people to build thriving, sustainable careers and to provide employers the highly-skilled, motivated talent they need.


Project overview

Project name: You Employed, UK
Theme: Jobs and Skills
Location: East London

The You Employed project will deliver tech training bootcamps designed to train and place unemployed and underemployed single parents in East London in high-paying roles in tech working with AWS cloud products and service. Generation will provide beneficiaries with the basic digital and role-specific digital skills they need to build great careers.

The project is specifically designed to target the needs of the identified groups with iterations to Generation’s model of provision, specifically targeted at the needs and barriers revealed to be faced by those from disadvantaged backgrounds with caring responsibilities.

Generation will remove specific barriers the target group has to accessing digital skills support by providing laptops and internet connection, as well as covering costs of childcare/support needs to attend training.

With the support of Power Up 2.0, Generation plans to expand, deepen and target its existing support to a particular set of target groups.

In conversation with Generation

What inspired you to apply for Power Up funding?

Generation shares the ambition of Power Up to drive economic inclusion through digital skills training. We have greatly enjoyed working with the fund over recent years to deliver cloud computing bootcamps to young people facing barriers to employment in London to help them overcome barriers to employment, upskill and secure life-changing jobs in the tech sector. We’re now excited to work with Power Up again to expand our support and social impact at this crucial time.

What does the funding mean to your organisation?

The Power Up funding will support Generation to expand and deepen our support for parents, people with caring responsibilities and those with disabilities – groups that have disproportionately faced employment challenges through the pandemic and disproportionately face barriers to employment. The funding will allow us to tailor our bootcamp model to better meet the needs of and reach more of these groups – including flexible timetables, a support fund (e.g. to support nursery care while parents attend courses), and increased mentorship and pastoral support.

How do you hope your project will help your local community?

Through the project we aim to support 50 unemployed people in London facing barriers to employment to secure life-changing jobs working with cloud computing technology and develop a repeatable, scalable model of bootcamps for target groups training that can help many more people over the coming years!

What’s the main thing you would like to get out of your involvement in the Power Up programme?

Success for Generation would be having a life-changing impact, helping the learners we support to secure job placements. We want to develop a refined model of support for those who need it most. We’re also excited to work closely with other organisations in London supporting people against the odds on their journey in gaining digital skills and employment and expand the routes via which potential learners hear about our programmes.