Our partnerships

We bring together a group of strategic partners, working together to Fix The Digital Divide, so we can give everyone the chance to benefit from the digital world.

By working together as a group with a shared mission, our Strategic Partners have impact on digital exclusion at a greater scale than if acting alone.

We’re proud to work with our Strategic Partners to make this happen.

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What our strategic partnerships have helped us achieve so far

Through their multi year investment and support, our strategic partnerships have already helped us achieve so much.

But we need more strategic partners to help us do even more, to move further and faster.

What are our strategic partnership aims for the future?

Working with our strategic partners, our ambition is to engage 1 million people across the UK in digital inclusion, and to grow our network to 5,000 Digital Inclusion Hubs by the end of 2025.

The group will:

  • Advocate together for action to Fix The Digital Divide in the UK, with Government, businesses and the public;
  • Provide strategic advice and insight, bringing the best of each organisation to help solve key challenges in digital inclusion and support us in achieving our ambition;
  • Celebrate the impact on people’s lives and communities their investment is driving;
  • Increase staff, customer and partner engagement with the mission to Fix The Digital Divide.

Together, we can Fix The Digital Divide.

Find out more about becoming a strategic partner
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“As part of our pledge to upgrade the UK, we’re proudly building on our partnership with Good Things Foundation to help connect a million people experiencing digital isolation, helping them to get online and learn vital skills so they can use the internet, access essential services, and stay connected to loved ones.

“Through our new sustainability strategy, the Better Connections Plan, we’re working to create a better, more connected country for everyone, and are providing data and devices to people most affected by the cost-of-living crisis so they can get online and stay connected.”

Nicola Green, Virgin Media O2

“We are delighted to be partnering with the UK’s leading charity tackling digital exclusion. Good Things Foundation catalyse change across public and private sectors to make inroads into closing the digital divide and we are proud to support their great work, especially within communities, as trusted local partners.

“At Vodafone we believe connectivity is essential, and everyone should have access to the opportunities it provides – but we know this is only part of the solution. We have put tackling the digital divide at the heart of our business through our everyone.connected campaign and our commitment to help 4 million people cross the digital divide by 2025. And with wonderful partners like Good Things Foundation, will continue to champion the issue until it no longer exists.”

Catherine Russell, Head of Sustainable Business, Vodafone