Widening Digital Participation

Good Things Foundation ran a three-year programme - Widening Digital Participation - funded by NHS Digital. Widening Digital Participation aims to reduce digital exclusion in the UK, and ensure people have the skills they need to access relevant health information and health services online.

We have been working with NHSX, NHS Digital, NHS England and local partners in health, social care, and community sectors to improve digital participation in health and care.

The NHS Widening Digital Participation programme completed in March 2020 – the month when the country went into lockdown following the outbreak of coronavirus. Since then, the national and community response to COVID19 has revealed digital as a universal need.

Digital participation has become essential for our lives, for our health and wellbeing. This new report brings together the lessons learned, practical tips and recommendations from the Widening Digital Participation programme.

Our partners

NHS England

NHS Digital