Our strategic partnership with Vodafone

Our Group CEO Helen Milner OBE announces Good Things Foundation's three year strategic partnership with Vodafone, to fix the digital divide - for good

Last night I announced that Vodafone is our new strategic partner. I’m delighted that Good Things Foundation will be working together with Vodafone over the next three years to help fix the digital divide – for good.

Vodafone deserves huge glory for the effort they have put into eradicating digital inequalities to date. Until now, our work with them has centred around our National Databank – seeing 51,259 SIMs distributed to our National Digital Inclusion Network, providing free mobile connectivity data to people most in need. This is part of their noteworthy donation of delivering free internet connectivity to 1 million people in the UK through their everyone.connected initiative.

Reaching such milestones addresses the urgent issue of digital exclusion: 10 million UK adults still do not have the foundation-level digital skills and over one in 20 households have no internet access, neither fixed line nor mobile. 

I’m so pleased that Good Things Foundation works with trailblazing industry figures like Vodafone to push the needle on digital inclusion and make impact at scale. Meaningfully working together is crucial and it’s in the power of real partnerships between public, private, and charity and community sectors that I truly believe we can overcome the issue.

Our National Databank is a fantastic example of this. At Good Things Foundation, we hear first-hand about the difference it makes to people’s lives. The next three years ahead we’re hoping to elevate the change we’re making and Vodafone is critical in helping us achieve that – supporting 1 million people and engaging 5000 Digital Hubs across the country.

We’re looking forward to continuing to combat data poverty, ensuring people have a device in their hand, and  they have the skills necessary to be safe and able online. 

Together, we can help fix the digital divide – for good. 

Helen Milner

Helen Milner OBE

Group CEO


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