Jobs and money

A financially inclusive society ensures those who are in work are able to manage their wages and those out of work are able to effectively budget their benefits.

Digital and financial inclusion are inextricably linked – those who are unable to get online independently cannot access online banking services and tools. Digital skills are vital to being successful in today’s job market – both when looking for work and progressing in the workplace. 92% of businesses say that having a basic level of digital skills is important for employees, whilst 76% of businesses say that a lack of digital skills would affect the profitability of their business (World Skills UK, 2021). 

We believe that everyone should have equal access to financial services and be supported to develop basic financial skills, enabling them to manage their money, regardless of income, age or circumstance.

There is also a need to provide help for people to learn soft skills, such as increased confidence, better decision-making and resilience to setbacks, to lay the foundations for workers to embrace digital skills and thrive.