Nobody in the Dark

Nobody in the Dark was first launched in March 2020 to offer immediate support to digitally and financially excluded people in the UK, especially those in poverty hit hardest by the impact of COVID-19. Relaunched in the summer of 2021, the coalition of Good Things Foundation, Mastercard, Lloyds Banking Group and Clean Slate continues to make sure no one is left behind by the digital revolution.

The need to bring together digital inclusion and practical help with money increased dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis, with an estimated six million people falling behind on a household bill due to Coronavirus.

There are 11.7 million people in the UK who don’t have all the essential digital skills. This digital divide is most pronounced for those living in poverty; almost half of those with an income below £11,500 lack essential digital skills compared to less than 11% of those with an income over £25,000.

The coalition seeks to address this challenge by supporting those most in need. The Nobody in the Dark campaign highlights these issues and more importantly addresses them with practical help: bespoke online resources and personal one-to-one support in 20 communities across the UK.

The programme is targeting people living in poverty or on low incomes, who have limited digital skills and need support to use digital financial tools. This includes people facing greater risks of digital and financial barriers, including disabled people and people from communities experiencing racial inequalities.

The free resource hub at is also available to help boost the confidence of those with limited digital skills, allowing them to engage confidently with free, trusted online support on money, security, benefits and debt.

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