The Digital Garage

Good Things Foundation has partnered with Google to bring the Digital Garage programme to the Online Centres Network and the people in their communities.

Good Things’ partnership with The Digital Garage saw 10,000 additional people supported through 100 community organisations within the Online Centres Network. These organisations reached out to help people in their local area to improve their digital skills to make the most of their business.

Small businesses, sole traders and people setting up businesses were supported to make the most of Digital Garage resources on our free digital skills platform Learn My Way, helping them could find a new job, set-up a new business, or make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

Partnership highlights

07/04/2020 · Digital inclusion in communities | Digital skills and adult learning

Peer-research – a participant’s perspective

Following some peer research we did for Get Online Week, our annual campaign for improving digital skills, Peer Researcher Amanda shares her thoughts on the campaign.