Refurbished device and data keeps Samuel connected

Access to free devices, data, and digital skills learning has helped Samuel get connected and become a volunteer at Skills Enterprise.

Skills Enterprise are a Digital Inclusion Hub based in the London Borough of Newham. They support Newham’s residents facing barriers like homelessness, debt, unemployment, domestic violence and digital exclusion.

When Samuel first went to Skills Enterprise, he had no prior knowledge of digital. He was confused by the online world and found it difficult to navigate. Around the time he learnt of the hub’s services, Samuel was very lonely. It was the beginning of the pandemic, which meant Samuel could not go anywhere or see people in person to socialise and connect. 

Through the National Device Bank, Samuel was provided with a refurbished device with data, keeping him connected during this time of isolation. For Samuel, accessing that device was like “going around the world.”

Samuel could now book hospital appointments, manage banking online and find entertainment. Importantly, Samuel could keep in touch with friends and family, connecting with friends from around the country, speaking to his family, and seeing photos of his grandson on the device. He combated loneliness as a result of the device provided to him by Skills Enterprise.

In this world, everything is online. You want to go shopping? Shop online. Hospital? Even that’s sometimes online. Basically everything is online. Therefore, it’s very important to have digital skills and a connection. Like with people who are helping those of us who otherwise don’t have much in our pockets.

Through this device and the digital skills courses provided by Skills Enterprise, Samuel has learnt a lot more about computing, the digital world, and is using this knowledge as an opportunity to teach others. Samuel is now a volunteer at Skills Enterprise, teaching others of the rudiments of computing.

Samuel visits Skills Enterprise twice a week, helping others who are experiencing difficulties with the digital, alongside progressing his own skills.