Accessing devices helps Shahana gain confidence and independence

Data, devices, and learning digital skills has helped Shahana work towards employability and becoming a Digital Champion

Shahana is a housewife with two children who previously worked but after having children decided to stay at home and take care of them. As a result, Shahana’s company was primarily the children, and she began to feel empty. That’s why Shahana decided to work towards employability again. 

Shahana first heard of Skills Enterprise from a friend who insisted they would be flexible after an initial reluctance to go due to childcare responsibilities. Upon seeing the variety of members, all at different ages and stages in life, Shahana felt more confident to learn and develop her digital skills, feeling inspired. Shahana had a long gap in employment due to maternity so was unsure on how to get back into the workforce. Being at Skills Enterprise showed Shahana she could start afresh and move forward.

Usually, it has been her husband who handles the digital, so Shahana began her journey with Learn My Way, learning digital skills for herself. Through Get Online London, Shahana was also provided with a donated device. Shahana took her learning from the hub and put her new digital skills into practice at home with the device – filling out forms, online shopping and banking, and using search engines. 

Alongside the convenience of these digital skills, Shahana  began to feel more confident in searching for jobs and was able to get notifications about them straight to the donated device.

“Everything is digitised right now. Because people don’t have devices, they don’t realise how important it is for them to use and how much easier it would be for them to do things online and stay connected.”

Shahana feels much more confident, independent and inspired. Having a refurbished device gives Shahana and other learners a “new voice, new appreciation and new inspiration.”

Image of Shahana, the beneficiary, with a device, next to a staff member from Skills Enterprise.

Thanks to her new digital skills and device received through Get Online London, Shahana is now working on becoming a Digital Champion and attending employability webinars.

“Mala says, you have to start. No matter where you start from, you have to start. It can be small steps but they will make bigger changes.”