Building digital skills for employability

This Employability Day, Good Things Foundation is releasing a new playbook ‘Supporting people with Digital Skills’.

Developed over several months, this playbook was co-designed with more than 15 centres in the Online Centres Network and is designed to help community organisations work with people to develop their digital skills for employability.

While 92% of employers say a basic level of digital skills is important for their staff, there are currently still 8.7 million adults in the UK who lack the essential digital skills required for work. This shows there is still a digital skills gap in the workforce in the UK which needs to be addressed. In this era of economic uncertainty, we need to focus on building the digital skills that will help people to confidently take their next step, either in employment or further education.

It’s time to act, to empower people and to help those who have been excluded in the past, to be included in the future. The Digital Employability Playbook aims to do just that.

Download the playbook.

Creation of the playbook was supported by Good Things Foundation’s partners Yorkshire Building Society, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Enterprise Blueprints and Accenture.