Julie’s story: how digital changed her life

"The data, devices and skills support has given me a new lease of life. I'm living on my own terms." Read Julie's story.

Julie used to be intimidated by the internet

Many people who don’t know how to safely use the internet are frightened by it, and Julie was no exception. Before visiting her local Digital Inclusion Hub, Learn For Life, she had no idea how to use the internet. She felt unsure, isolated and unsafe, and wouldn’t even have a go at getting online in case she put the wrong thing in and made a mistake.

I guess I was frightened actually,” Julie said. “Because it’s the fear of the unknown. I was intimidated by it all. And I felt angry that I was being left behind – not everyone can afford a laptop and wi-fi internet.”

Julie couldn’t write or send emails. She couldn’t do things like make a doctor’s appointment online. She was reliant on her kids helping her out. “I didn’t want to say I couldn’t do things – it was embarrassing.”

Becoming digitally included changed Julie’s life

Julie said, “I was put in touch with Learn For Life, which has really changed my life.” She received a free laptop paired with free mobile data, and received support to learn how to safely use her new device and online services.

Using her new digital skills, Julie can now do things like socialise, bank and shop online. Her confidence is constantly growing, and she’s particularly happy that she doesn’t have to ask her kids to do things online for her all the time!

On the support she received from Good Things Foundation and Learn For Life, Julie said:

“Without the data, devices and skills support, I would have been letting the world go by. It has really given me a new lease of life and a sense of freedom. Now I’m living life on my own terms.”

Julie, right, with Hayley, left, from Learn For Life


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