Volunteering at Good Things Foundation: Tony’s story

Hear from Tony, one of our Community Champion Volunteers, about why he enjoys the role so much.

“I began volunteering with Good Things Foundation in the lead up to Get Online Week back in October and have had a very positive and rewarding experience. Being a Community Champion volunteer has enabled me to continue to learn new skills and contribute to an important cause, as well as explore my interest in digital inclusion. 

As part of my role I have contacted Online Centres about upcoming funding opportunities and campaigns. I really enjoy getting to talk to interesting people and hear about the positive work they are doing. This task in particular has reminded me that there are lots of people out there in the world that are doing good things. I feel lucky to get to hear their stories. 

As a Community Champion volunteer, I always feel that my work is valued and appreciated, both by Good Things Foundation staff and their community partners. I enjoy the flexibility that comes with the role and how I can adapt the hours to fit around my life. 

Volunteering with Good Things Foundation is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to gain confidence, take on new challenges and make a difference to the digital divide. You’ll get to speak with some really nice people and get an insight into their work. As a retired person, you can often feel marginalised. It is really nice to have the chance to show that you still have something to give.”