Unlocking Good Things: new podcast series

During Get Online Week we're launching a daily mini-podcast series. Tune in from October 16-20th to hear how our digital inclusion services unlock good things for digitally excluded people.

Episode one: What is digital exclusion?

Join our host Phoebe Scholefield, Communications Officer, and guest Helen Milner OBE, Good Things Foundation’s Group CEO, to learn more about digital exclusion as a social injustice. Helen explains what digital exclusion is, why it is a problem and why digital inclusion is an absolute necessity. We also discuss how digital exclusion intersects with other social inequalities.


Episode two: Unlocking good things through the National Device Bank

In this episode, host Alison Lawley, Digital Communications & Campaigns Manager, is joined by Natasha Early, Partnerships and Fundraising Manager, who tells us all about what the National Device Bank is, the social and environmental impacts, and why businesses should donate to become leaders in reusing tech for social good.


Episode three: Unlocking good things through the National Digital Inclusion Network

Isobel Thomas, Head of Community Engagement and Experience, talks to Alison about the value of the National Digital Inclusion Network, what it is, and how important community led solutions are for digital inclusion. We also explore the importance of having basic digital skills.


Episode four: Unlocking good things through the National Databank

Our Head of Research and Data Insights, Katie Heard, joins Phoebe to talk about the deepening issue of data poverty in our society, how it affects people, and how the National Databank is helping by providing free mobile connectivity data.


Episode five: Unlocking good things through Government action

In this episode, Phoebe is joined by Good Things Foundation’s Advocacy Manager, Hannah Whelan. Hannah breaks down our policy asks, talks about the Government’s current digital inclusion and outlines what we need from those in power to fix the digital divide.

At the time of recording, we were awaiting the Government’s response to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee’s digital exclusion enquiry.