Understanding experiences of doing more online: a new survey from Good Things Foundation

Our Research & Evaluation Manager, Jo Reynolds, writes a short blog on the significance and value of the experiences of Learn My Way users and how we can use those experiences to improve the services we provide.

Here at Good Things Foundation we want to know more about the experiences of the people who receive support to do more online, and to understand how this impacts their lives.

We’re working with an organisation called Tectonic to send out a survey to people who have recently used Learn My Way to learn different digital and IT skills. They might also have received additional support from a local organisation such as:

  • Receiving free data, such as a SIM card or data voucher
  • Receiving a free personal device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

A link to the survey will be sent by phone or email and will take around 10 minutes to complete. We will ask questions about:

  • Experiences of using the internet 
  • Experiences of using Learn My Way
  • Support received to do more online.

We are offering a £5 shopping voucher as a thank you to people who fill in the survey.

The information we gather through the survey will be really valuable for:

  • Helping us improve the services and support we give, via local organisations, to help people access the internet and do more online
  • Helping us to communicate with funders and other decision makers the importance of supporting people to do more online. 

If you have received a link to the survey and have any questions or concerns about it, please get in touch with us via our research@goodthingsfoundation.org email address.