The new Learn My way is here

We've relaunched Learn My Way, our free platform for digital learning. Here's everything you need to know.

The next generation of Learn My Way is here! Learn My Way is our free platform for digital learning, providing digital skills and increased digital confidence to those supported the National Digital Inclusion Network. We’re thrilled that the new site is now live – this new version allows users to tailor their own learning programme, offers a choice of bitesize topics and is accessible across multiple devices. 

Here’s a few key dates for your diary: 

From now

Learners who are already registered will still be able to sign in to access their learning.  Staff members will also still be able to sign in and have access to Learner Management. 

All learners will need to register to use the new site. 

From the 11th May

The current version of Learn My Way will no longer be available. You will be able to use the old Learn My Way until this date. By this time you should have transitioned your delivery and your learners and extracted any learner and performance data you would like to have access to after this date.

What’s changing ?

We’ve restructured our learning content into shorter bitesize topics and grouped these into subjects, making it easier for learners to browse and find the right topic for them. The news version allows for a more personalised learning journey, with people being able to pick and mix topics based on their individual learning goals. There’s also no more scrolling pages! People can navigate through their learning topics using next and previous buttons. 

We’ve also updated the look and feel of the platform so whether you’re learning on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, it is still a great learning experience. 

Learners can register using their email address or mobile phone number. We’ll ask learners to set a minimum 12 character password and verify that their email address or mobile phone number is real and unique.

We recognise that setting a safe password and learning how to authenticate account detail is one of today’s most important basic skills. This – and setting up an email account – are still the gateway to so much on the internet. Our new registration process provides hubs and those they support with a practical way to develop an essential skill and understand why this matters. As well as ensuring Learn My Way is secure from hackers so we keep people’s information safe.

When asked to enter the hub that they are learning at, learners can start to type the centre name or ID number which will then generate a list for them to choose from, reducing the chance of them linking to the incorrect hub.  

Staff members who have verified their account on the network website can use one set of credentials to sign in there and on Learn My Way. 

The learner management and stats functions are not available in the new version of Learn My Way. Development of the new version of Learn My Way has focused on providing the best learning experience for its users. As such it only provides learner-facing functionality. We would like to understand better how widely this functionality is being used by members of our network so we’ll be consulting with hubs later in the year. 

The way we capture data about your delivery is changing. If you use CaptureIT as part of a funded project, the team will be in touch with you directly to support the transition to a new survey tool. Guidance will be available for all hubs on downloading data from CaptureIT before current Learn My Way is decommissioned. 

In light of the launch of the new Learn My Way, we’ve made the difficult decision to permanently close Make it Click from 12th May. We understand this may impact how you support your learners. To support this transition we have collated a lot of the courses, tools and templates from Make it Click into one resource. This will become available on the National Digital Inclusion Network website shortly.

What does this mean for users of Learn My Way?

We understand how some of these changes could cause concern for our Digital Inclusion Hubs. To reassure you, when the new Learn my Way is released we’ll have a period of dual running where you’ll still be able to use the current site while you register to familiarise yourself with the new site. 

There is a range of supporting materials to help you, including:

  • Updated learning guides
  • An updated Learn My Way Guide outlining the changes you’ll see in the new version 
  • Details of how the courses and topics of the previous version of Learn My Way link to the subjects and topics of the current version 
  • Details of how each topic in Learn My Way is mapped to one or more of the foundation or entry level national standards. 

Important: All learners will need to make a fresh registration on the new Learn My Way

Staff members will have access to Learner Management and the stats functions in the current Learn My Way until it’s withdrawn on the 11 May. After this date you won’t be able to access any learner progress data or performance data on Learn My Way or the network website. If you need to evidence registrations, course starts or completions for funding, you need to download the relevant MI report before the old LMW is removed on the 11th May. 

We look forward to you seeing the next generation of Learn My Way and for you to begin using it with your learners, helping them to build their digital skills. Make sure that you sign up to the newsletter, and follow us on social media for the latest updates.