The National Device Bank: Changing lives one device at a time

The National Device Bank is up and running and we're already seeing the social impact.

The National Device Bank is now being rolled out across the UK, providing digitally excluded people with refurbished devices to help them get online and get connected. Donated by businesses such as Microsoft and Ocado, these devices are given out to people in need through the National Digital Inclusion Network, helping them to access the online world and all the benefits it has to offer. 

We spoke to Seetec Pluss about the impact the donated devices are having on the people they support. One thing is clear – these devices are a lifeline to those experiencing digital exclusion, connecting them to job opportunities, friends and family, healthcare services and more. 

Read about the impact of refurbished devices on people in need.


“I used to always ask my son for his laptop whenever I wanted to do anything online. This restricted the access I had to a digital device and also, I didn’t feel as confident when using a laptop. Now I have my own, I have been able to practice and get used to using a device. 

“I’ve been living in the UK for the last 20 years. I came here with 3 children after the death of my husband to make a new life. I devoted all my time and my life to raising my children as a single mother and fulfilling all my family’s needs. I didn’t have much family in the UK, and the few I did were not willing or able to help much so I struggled alone to raise my young family. Now my children are all grown up and in education or work so I feel I need to invest in my own skills and development. I have enrolled in the Seetec ESOL class to better my English language skills and having this laptop is helping me to further develop my digital and online skills


“I have recently enrolled on the Restart Scheme, and I would like to get a job and make myself financially secure for myself and family. I can use this  laptop to assist me with my job search and making online applications. All of this will help me secure my future.” 







“I really need this laptop to learn and improve on my IT skills. I am also doing a course with Westminster College for an Enrolment Officer job but before getting this device, I had to borrow my husband’s laptop. The impact has been  great because I no longer have to rely on anyone else to get on with my coursework and maybe even finish the course on time.”





Donate to the National Device Bank

The National Device Bank is a free, simple process for organisations to donate devices. is an alternative solution to IT asset disposal that tackles e-waste whilst supporting people who are digitally excluded. The social impact is clear, don’t dispose of corporate IT equipment, donate it.


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