See It Differently this January

We have teamed up with One Plus One to produce short videos to help parents 'See It Differently' and learn new ways of managing conflict.

By Good Things Foundation · 20/01/2020

Traditionally January is a time when people hit a low, post-festive season. But there could be many reasons for feeling a little bit down this month.

If you’ve spent a lot of time with family over the holidays the strain of the festivities may have taken its toll on your relationships. We often start the holidays with a bright and cheery outlook, determined to have the best time ever… and sometimes end it on the opposite note, desperate to get away from the niggles and arguments that inevitably come out under pressure.

But for some, it can be a realisation that the niggles and arguments aren’t all that unusual, and that these things happen far too often for our liking.

Good Things Foundation and One Plus One have been working in partnership to produce short videos to help people learn new ways of managing conflict. Making just a few changes could lead to healthier and happier outcomes for everyone in the family.

Skills like staying calm, speaking for yourself and re-thinking how you say things can change how things play out in your household and let you, your family and your children see it differently.

For further information on #SeeItDifferently visit the See It Differently website.


The collaboration between Good Things Foundation and OnePlusOne is funded through the Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund from DWP, developing digital support for disadvantaged families. The project team have worked closely with parents for several months to co-design and test the story-based video content, making the scenarios realistic and relatable.


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