Nobody in the Dark helps Ingrid’s finances and wellbeing

Ingrid tells us how seeking support from Clean Slate, one of our Nobody in the Dark partners, helped her save money and overcome her mental health challenges.

“After getting help from Clean Slate and taking the Future Proof Finance quiz, I have a better idea of where to go for support if things get difficult again”, Ingrid says.

After taking the Future Proof Finance quiz and support from Clean Slate, Ingrid has found ways to save money, benefiting her mental health too.

Ingrid, who was born in Somalia, campaigns for the rights of her Somali community. Through her hard work, Ingrid has helped more than 50 people escape abusive situations. 

After some frightening experiences, Ingrid’s work began to take a toll on her life. She began to receive disturbing online abuse, and her mental health began to suffer. To get some relief from the stress and anxiety, she was spending £60-£70 a month on medication just to help her sleep. 

After contacting the police, she found somewhere safe to stay and applied for Universal Credit. However, Ingrid was still struggling to make ends meet and was referred to Clean Slate by her local Jobcentre Plus for money management help.

The first thing Ingrid’s Clean Slate Support Worker did was take Ingrid through the Future Proof Finance Quiz. The quiz helped her claim money she didn’t know she was entitled to, and see where she could make savings. 

Ingrid learned she could get health prescriptions for free, saving £60 a month and £720 a year. She was referred to her local food bank, taking away more of her money worries. And, after taking the quiz, Ingrid was supported to apply for a winter clothes package from the Salvation Army and a grant for a fridge-freezer.

The Future Proof Finance quiz is a money health check. It generates ‘next steps’ in response to answers. When Ingrid did the quiz a second time, it was clear just how far she’d come, and how much the quiz and support had helped.

Take a look at the Future Proof Finance Quiz

In collaboration with Clean Slate and Quids in! we've created a quiz to help people discover how the internet can help them to improve their finances.