Good Things launches new learning resource on essential AI literacy skills

Mary Booth, Product and Service Delivery Manager, announces the first piece in a new area of learning content supported by Accenture, which will help beginners to use AI in everyday life.

How is AI changing the game for people with low digital literacy?

2024 is off to an exciting start for me as we begin to explore the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI), and its potential impact on people with low or no digital skills.

AI is poised to significantly alter the digital landscape, raising a crucial question: What digital skills do we need to thrive in an AI-powered world? Emma Stone, Director of Evidence and Engagement here at Good Things, put it perfectly in a recent blog exploring AI’s impact on digital inclusion: “AI will play a bigger role in informing decisions we make and which others make for us. This raises questions about what we need to have, know how to do, and understand about AI – relevant to our lives – to be able to participate in an AI-enhanced world?”

At Good Things, we’ve been exploring the connection between essential digital skills, media literacy, and AI literacy and researching the needs of our community partners and the people they support. Our goal? To create a new learning and skills offer focused on the skills and knowledge needed to navigate this new digital landscape. Resources that will give people with low digital skills and confidence a better understanding of what AI can do and to build their confidence to use it.

We’re bridging the AI essential skills gap with a new learning series

As a first step, we spoke to over 100 Digital Inclusion Hubs in the National Digital Inclusion Network to understand more about their experience and knowledge of AI, and importantly to gauge the attitudes of the people they support in their local communities. 

Our research highlighted the importance of addressing fears and misconceptions about AI. To bridge this gap, we’ve developed an animated Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with support from Accenture, the first in a series of learning resources.

This video aims to reassure people by demonstrating how AI is already present in many everyday online activities like shopping, streaming, and social media and encourage them to feel that AI could be a useful tool to support them with every tasks. 

We’ve also launched this animation as a new topic on Learn My Way, to help all of our digital skills learners easily demystify AI and address worries around misuse of personal information. The animation is available in English language and Welsh language.

Want to co-create the future of AI learning?

As we develop our AI learning series further, ensuring it meets the needs of the National Digital Inclusion Network and the people they support is key. We’re working with an external research partner to gain a deeper understanding of these needs and refine our approach based on our findings.

To achieve this, we’re seeking collaboration with a select group of Digital Inclusion Hubs from across the Network to become our AI Research Hubs. You don’t have to be an AI expert – in fact, we’re looking for community organisations that have all levels of AI knowledge whether you’re a complete beginner or more experienced user.

If you’d like to join us in shaping our future AI learning offer, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch by emailing

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Meet Mary Booth

Product and Service Delivery Manager - Learning and Skills

Mary looks after our digital skills platform Learn My Way and the online Network members' area, overseeing development, making sure they are fit for purpose and provide a great user experience for learners and Network members.