‘More than just digital support, a true community’

Through volunteering at People Know How, Callum found a way to merge his love for customer service, digital technology and helping those in need through community support.

People Know How are one of Good Things Foundation’s Network Ambassadors, part of the National Digital Inclusion Network.  Sharing their learning from delivering digital inclusion work in the community for over 7 years, they bring experience and expertise and a passion for fixing the digital divide.

Callum has supported People Know How in a couple of different roles over the years, and most recently joined the Reconnect service as a Digital Support Volunteer. He has had a passion for volunteering, helping the elderly reconnect with the world, for over 10 years.

Growing up with learning difficulties alongside limited mobility, Callum understands how challenging the world is when you aren’t connected. Making a 4-hour round trip, he will move mountains to ensure he is there to provide a warm, welcome and safe space for those who attend People Know How’s digital group. 

This is one of many digital groups that People Know How run  as part of their Reconnect service. Callum volunteers to help provide a supportive environment to reduce digital and social isolation by building digital skills and maintaining connections. Group attendees receive personalised support from staff and Digital Support Volunteers like Callum. 

People Know How said:

“When travel can be difficult, and technology can be challenging, elders need spaces like this. Our team help turn one of the many buildings we use into a home for those who need it most”

Dedicating so much of his life to supporting others, Callum hopes to prosper in this space by building a career around digital support. While undergoing his college degree, Callum prepared materials, including a survey to gauge digital literacy and documents that guide users through day-to-day computing tasks. His wealth of knowledge and burning desire to help others has made him a valuable part of the Reconnect team.

“I love supporting the group; it allows you to explore your own skills and passions but still have the backup and support of People Know How”

Become a Digital Champion

If you would like to follow in Callum’s footsteps and support people in your community to get online, find your local Digital Inclusion Hub here.