Learn My Way: Building digital confidence one topic at a time

Since the launch of the new Learn My Way, many learners have already built their digital skills to apply their knowledge to the real world.

Since the launch of the new Learn My Way in Spring 2023, there have been a number of Digital Inclusion Hubs taking up delivering Learn My Way again to support their communities in building digital skills. We’re spotlighting on MRS Independent Living and Benchill Community Centre.

MRS Independent Living

MRS Independent Living are a Digital Inclusion Hub based in London, supporting people to stay independent, active and connected to their communities.

They hadn’t used Learn My Way for a few years, but have started to use it again since the launch of the new Learn My Way in Spring 2023. 

Not only did the shiny prefix of ‘new’ catch their attention, but their learners had themselves made the case that Learn My Way is fun! They had tried it and enjoyed using the platform, so much so that some became Learn My Way volunteers. As a result, the hub decided to find ways to integrate the learning tool into their overall digital inclusion program, aided by funding via a  Good Things’ Digital Inclusion Capability Grant. 

Starting to use Learn My Way again has helped many learners at the hub to develop their digital skills at their own pace and build their confidence as they go.

MRS Independent Living are excited to continue using Learn My Way and to help learners progress and apply their newly developed digital skills. With the help of volunteers and peer support, their confidence continues to grow.  

Benchill Community Centre

Benchill Community Centre, based in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, are a Digital Inclusion Hub supporting their diverse community with digital support and employability skills.

As their services are offered through daily drop-in sessions, Benchill Community Centre cater to all needs and personalise their support. They help their community to save money, build digital skills, apply for essential services, and access data and devices.

“Walking through the door is the hardest thing for some people so we want their experience to be as good as it can be.” – Stephen Greenwood, Organisational Manager at Benchill Community Centre.

Benchill Community Centre have been delivering digital inclusion support and building digital skills through the delivery of Learn My Way. The new version of the platform, launched this year, supports learners to  progress more independently. With the previous platform , staff were required to support learners throughout the courses, but now learners are able to work through topics by themselves after initial support to register an account. 

A brilliant example of this independence is a learner at Benchill Community Centre, who has completed all the courses on Learn My Way twice! Being in his 50s, he had never used a computer before attending sessions at the hub. Now, having built his skills, he is able to confidently use the computer, browse the internet, and log into Learn My Way on his own.

Another user of Learn My Way is a volunteer at the hub, who didn’t have a lot of knowledge about technology. Though initially quite nervous, she was able to develop her skills using Learn My Way and obtained a Level 2 IT qualification. Being a fast learner, she is now onto a Level 3 IT qualification, and volunteers at Benchill Community Centre to help others to advance their skills. She feels confident with her digital skills and is able to look after the classes if the staff are occupied. 

Using Learn My Way to deliver digital inclusion support has had an incredibly positive impact on the community supported by Benchill Community Centre, helping learners learn digital skills, develop their confidence, and become more independent.

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