How access to a device builds confidence and develops skills

Liz is a learner at Clear Community Web, who has significantly improved her emotional wellbeing while improving her digital literacy through access to devices and data.

Before getting support from Clear Community Web, Liz was computer illiterate.

“Every time I had to sit at a computer, I would be sweating buckets. I would forget my password, I didn’t know what to log in to.”

At Christmas, Liz had a full hip replacement. After the surgery, she had a digital form to fill out, but unable to do it on her outdated phone, visited the library across the road for support, which is where she found Clear Community Web. While being supported in filling the form by the staff, Liz was informed of the other services they offer: courses, drop-ins, age-specific support.

Initially, Liz was hesitant about taking any courses, as she lacked a compatible device, and was unable to afford one. Through the use of the National Device Bank, Clear Community Web were able to provide her with a refurbished device, enabling Liz to to take the course on basic digital skills.

Having access to this device has helped Liz to manage services online: Universal Credit, contacting the local council, managing appointments, search engines, accessing work and important meetings via Zoom.

With a device, Liz can further aid her development alongside the course by finding online tutorials, and support her emotional wellbeing by finding activities
and events in her area for her age group and ethnicity.

“It’s been a lifeline for me. It’s built my confidence.”

Being provided with a device, where she otherwise was unable to afford one, has significantly decreased Liz’s financial anxiety. She no longer needs to worry about the costs of a device and data, and that security aids in building her confidence with digital. 

The device, paired with data, has helped Liz to solidify her own learning, as well as enabling her to support others with their learning as a result of her improved confidence and skills.

“What I would say to any organisation that has any devices laying dormant, please donate it. Because there is someone out there who’s able to look at it, see what can be done, recycle and reuse that. That can be a potential laptop for somebody who doesn’t have a device to use.”

Donate to the National Device Bank

The National Device Bank is a free, simple process for organisations to donate devices. is an alternative solution to IT asset disposal that tackles e-waste whilst supporting people who are digitally excluded. The social impact is clear - don’t dispose of corporate IT equipment, donate it.