Good Things Foundation are national coordinators for ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024

We're delighted to be be National Coordinators for ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 for the UK, here's everything you need to know about the campaign.

Good Things are thrilled to announce that we will be National Coordinators for ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 for the UK, the annual digital inclusion and empowerment campaign. 

The campaign will receive support from the European Commission and will span over three weeks, from the 13th of May until the 31st of May. It will engage international and national partners, as well as participating organisations across various European countries. 

The campaign actions will be underpinned under the motto ‘‘Enhance your digital skills’’ which is a call to action for all European citizens and every individual living in Europe to learn new skills, both basic and advanced, to be able to face digital transformation with confidence.

Building on last year 

The campaign will build on what was achieved in 2023 and on its contribution to the success of the European Year of Skills, promoted by the European Commission. ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 will put aspects of digital democracy, civic participation and social responsibility into focus, as well as cover challenges arising from disinformation online and a lack of information literacy for a large portion of Europe’s citizens are in the spotlight, as much as initiatives, solutions and tools fostering participation, equity and inclusion.

This year’s core themes

The three weeks of the campaign will focus on the following specific core themes under which all the training and events will be organised at international and national level across Europe: 

  • Digital Skills for employment, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Digital Skills in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • DigComp, DigCompEdu and Digital Skills certifications
  • Digital media literacy and disinformation
  • Cybersecurity and safer internet
  • Digital Skills for Environment and Sustainability
  • Digital Skills for specific sectors (education, cultural and creative industries, transportation, health…) and the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in education and training. 

How the campaign will be supported in 2024

The campaign aims to show the need for empowering all European citizens with the digital tools and skills they need in their studies, jobs, and for social inclusion. It will focus on different actions covering policy themes, European project dissemination activities, and promotion of grassroots level activities. It encourages various activities to support the Europeans who do not have enough digital skills to participate fully in society and benefit from digital transformation.

How we’re supporting ALL DIGITAL Weeks

The campaign will be sustained and promoted with the support of selected national coordinators across Europe. We’re National Coordinators for the UK, we will be helping to promote ALL DIGITAL Weeks in the UK, and support and coordinate the local partners in the organisation of local events, training and courses which provide different population groups with digital skills and education.

We have also planned a special All Digital Weeks meet-up where organisations from around Europe will be invited to join our regular National Digital Inclusion Network meet-ups to share great practice in essential digital skills support, make connections, spark ideas, and discuss common challenges.

When? Wednesday 15th May, 2-3pm. 

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Other ways to support the campaign 

If you’re hosting an event, then you can register it on the All Digital Skills website to spread the word. You can also support the campaign online and on social media using the campaign materials.