Future Proof: Skills for Work launched

Good Things Foundation is to partner with Accenture and Nesta to deliver the Future Proof: Skills for Work programme.

By Good Things Foundation · 22/01/2020

Technology is changing how we work and the pace of change is rapid. Jobs are expected to become more automated, and different skills will be required. Yet figures show that 54% of working-age adults lack the essential digital skills to operate effectively in these roles.

Future Proof: Skills for Work will help adults learn these skills and build positive employability outcomes, but also explore what it takes to sustain the motivation and confidence to keep learning and adapt to change in the working environment. It is vital that we understand how best to support people with low digital skills as the nature of work continues to change.

Future-proofing our skills is not a one-off event: we must all prepare to learn new skills again and again
Camilla Drejer

Through initial research, Good Things Foundation, supported by Accenture, has identified six work-related digital skills areas to explore; Technical (online and offline), Communication, Information, Creative, Transaction and Safety.

Alongside this, eight behaviours have been identified that are believed to be important for the successful learning and sustaining of digital skills; habit, grit, resilience, relatedness, self-efficacy, motivation, goal setting and trust.

Future Proof: Skills for Work will support 1,400 people through 13 community partners that specialise in employability. Good Things Foundation will work with these partners, and the learners they support, to explore the threshold for sustainable development of digital work skills.

Adam Micklethwaite, Director of Digital Social Inclusion said:

“Future Proof: Skills for Work provides an important opportunity to learn how adults at greatest risk of falling behind can build the behaviours and digital skills they will need to thrive in future job roles. Understanding the challenges and opportunities facing adults with low digital skills is vital as the training and support programmes of the future are developed.”

Camilla Drejer, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Accenture UK and Ireland, said:

“Technology isn’t just changing how we work, but how we live. Importantly, future-proofing our skills is not a one-off event: we must all prepare to learn new skills again and again. Essential digital skills are the foundation, but as important is building the confidence and mindset needed to continuously navigate a fast-changing world of work. That’s why we’re excited about this new collaboration with the Good Things Foundation.”

Olivia Chapman, Senior Programme Manager at Nesta said:

“In today’s world, essential digital skills are often critical to getting good jobs and they will be increasingly important in the future, as technology continues to transform the way we work. However, those who need these skills most are often the least likely to take part in training. Future Proof: Skills for Work is a fantastic opportunity to understand the barriers to learning and how we can teach digital employability skills in more innovative and effective ways.”

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  • Future Proof: Skills for Work

    Future Proof: Skills for Work

    Good Things Foundation is partnering with Accenture and Nesta to deliver the Future Proof: Skills for Work programme. The programme has been helping build work-related skills for unemployed...