Affording the internet, as costs of living rise

Unsure how to help if people can’t afford internet access? Emma Stone, our Director of Evidence and Engagement, explains how a new guide - part of our Data Poverty Lab - can help.

Back in April, I wrote about rising living costs and digital division. Within this, I highlighted:

That’s why we’ve coproduced this short, practical guide for community organisations, charities and others (Citizens Advice offices, housing associations, local council teams) on Supporting People with Data Connectivity, as part of our Data Poverty Lab with Nominet

Co-produced with one of our network members and Ambassadors – People Know How – and peer reviewed by a range of organisations (APLE Collective, Citizens Advice Scotland, Cwmpas and more), we think this is going to be super helpful for any organisation wanting to support people so they don’t have to choose between dinner or data.

The guide is available in HTML format – plus English and Welsh language PDFs designed for easy printing of sections if needed. It covers:

  • Support already available – social tariffs; free mobile data from the National Databank; broadband support for jobseekers
  • How to start talking about data poverty in your organisation using ‘CHESS’
  • Jargon busters, top tips, and choosing the right package.

There’s no guide like this – so we’re keen it is widely shared and used in whatever ways work. Let us know how we can improve it… and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to adapt it for your own guides or websites.


Supporting people with data connectivity

This guide is for charities, community groups and organisations which reach and support people who are struggling to afford the internet because of poverty and the cost of living.

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Dr. Emma Stone

Director of Evidence and Engagement

Emma leads a team of specialist experts - skilled in service design, user research, evaluation, data insights, marketing, communications, external affairs and advocacy.