Digital inclusion in communities

At Good Things Foundation we believe in supporting people and communities to be Digitally Able, Equal and Safe so they can be Happier, Healthier and Better-Off.

Digital inclusion is key to our work helping socially disadvantaged people transform their lives.

Our network partners engage people with community-based learning, offering digital skills as part of a package of support based on an individual’s need.

Our network reaches and engages digitally excluded people all over the UK. It is made up of thousands of community organisations such as small local community centres, small local charities specialising in older people, people with disabilities, or people looking for work, local branches of national organisations such as Age UK or Citizens Advice, and public libraries.

We design and run deep-reach digital inclusion programmes. Since 2014 we have been a key digital inclusion partner to UK Government, leading Basic Digital Skills for the Department for Education. We have pioneered innovative new partnerships with global names including Google, as well as working with the Australian Government and in Kenya.

We work hard to improve digital capability for all, because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of digital.