Get Online Week 2020 impact report is live

18 Dec 2020

From 19-25 October 2020, Good Things Foundation held the 14th annual Get Online Week campaign. The report that details the impact of the campaign, the scope of activity across the country and some of the partners and organisations that helped to make it all happen, is now live.

When we started planning Get Online Week 2020, we didn’t anticipate just how unlike other years this campaign would be.

As the pandemic hit and lockdown progressed, we realised we couldn’t reasonably or responsibly plan a campaign that encouraged our community partners to hold public, in-person events. But if 2020 showed us anything, it’s how essential digital skills are for life and work; for health and personal finances; and for staying connected to our loved ones and the world around us. This is especially true for the most isolated and vulnerable in our society.

So we worked to make sure that the campaign could go ahead safely, continuing to play its role in making sure everyone knows where and how they can get free, friendly and local help to make the most of the internet.

Find out how the campaign landed in communities and how we reached thousands of people with limited digital skills during a pandemic in the Get online Week 2020 campaign report.