Kiara reaping the long term benefits thanks to new digital skills

09 Oct 2020

Kiara is improving her mental health and confidence after gaining digital skills on the Openreach Digital Place programme.

Kiara, 40 came to the UK from India and now lives in Manchester.. As English isn’t her first language and with no digital skills she has struggled to find a job and is currently claiming benefits.

To improve her chances of securing a role, Kiara decided she needed to build her language and employability skills. To do this she enrolled on the Openreach: Digital Place programme at Community Revival UK Ltd, one of Good Things Foundation’s community partners.

Kirara tells us: ”‘I wanted to learn online skills and how to use a computer. I could not speak fluently and have been looking for a job. So it is important to build my skills and confidence.”

Kiara made significant progress. After undertaking reading, speaking and discussion activities to improve her language skills, she went on to complete online courses on applying for jobs online, CV writing and developing interview skills.

Roukayatou Laleye, Manager at Community Revival UK tells us: “Kiara has certainly grown in confidence since she first started with us. She has developed reading and speaking skills and improved grammar to develop fluency. She has also developed employability skills to make her confident in giving interviews.”

Roukayatou feels Kiara is certainly seeing a range of long term benefits of her new digital skills: “By being online Kiara has been able to access information to improve her health and wellbeing by following good hygiene habits and a proper diet. She has certainly gained confidence and improved her mental health with the help of interaction in the class with other students and the teacher.”

Openreach: Digital Place is a programme from Openreach, supported by Good Things Foundation. Find out more about the programme.