John jumping for joy thanks to new device

24 Feb 2021

John has found a new lease of life after receiving a device funded by the National Lottery Community Fund through the Everyone Connected programme.

John has suffered from health issues for the last few years and Covid-19 created lots of new stresses and challenges for him. He was never ‘very confident with technology’ and although he had a laptop, a combination of its sluggishness and his nervousness meant he was reluctant to use it. After being contacted by a local social enterprise about potentially receiving a device, John jumped at the opportunity to benefit from the Everyone Connected programme.

Since receiving the device, John has been able to follow his passions and keep himself entertained by listening to his favourite music on YouTube. With his friends living in Aberdeen and both parties suffering from poor mobile phone reception, the ability to use Skype on his tablet has been a huge bonus for John.

John tells us, “Using my new device I've been able to see and speak with lots of my friends, which has greatly helped me through lockdown. I do still feel nervous about using the device, but the longer I keep using it, the more I will learn.”

For John, learning digital skills is the hardest part as he can’t always retain what he has learnt. However with the hope of Covid-19 restrictions soon being lifted, John hopes his niece will be able to come over and help him learn how to make the most of the device. John tells us, “I ask a lot of questions and don’t want to bother too many people, which is why I rely on my family. They’re always supportive and I can trust them which is important.”