Supporting digital inclusion of adults with low English language skills

We set out to learn from existing research and from the expertise and practice of community-based tutors, to test out insights and co-produce ideas

This research project was completed in February 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the UK.

The practice insights and ideas in this report came from what feels like a different world now. The call to action remains the same. If anything, it is even more important as coronavirus has revealed the depth of inequalities – digital, social, economic and health – in the UK.

As governments at all levels prepare for a long road to recovery, we need a clear, cross-government and cross-sector commitment to prioritising digital inclusion as a social and economic policy priority.

"The findings from our project are a timely reminder that some people will face significant barriers to benefiting from this new entitlement (Essential Digital Skills), linked to low English language proficiency and low literacy."

Emma Stone, Rebecca Rae-Evans and Kevin Maye

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English My Way

English My Way was a community-based English language project, developed by Good Things Foundation in partnership with the BBC and the British Council, which supported adults with no or low levels of English language skills.