Making It Click: Supporting people with low internet use

This evaluation of the Make It Click programme, funded by, collates our key findings about supporting limited users of the internet to improve their skills

25,000 people supported by community organisations through the programme

21,000 people accessed resources on the Make it Click portal

27% entered into employment

Make It Click was a programme targeting those who have made the move online but lack digital skills and use the internet only in limited ways. It was delivered by Good Things Foundation between 2018 and 2021, made possible by a grant from 

The programme was unique in its focus on limited users: the millions of people in the UK who use computers and the internet, but do not have the skills and confidence to make the most of digital technology for work and personal life. They represent a ‘hidden group’: according to Professor Simeon Yates at the University of Liverpool, those “most likely to be overlooked in the development of policy and practice to address digital inequality.” 

Through Make It Click, Good Things Foundation was able to distribute and manage more than £1 million in grants to 235 community partners across the UK.

To support high-quality learning, a Make It Click learning portal was created, allowing the programme’s beneficiaries to create a tailored digital skills learning journey based on high-quality curated content from across the internet. As well as beneficiaries supported by community partners.

Crucially, Make It Click also allowed Good Things Foundation to learn more about limited internet users, and what works in helping them progress.

We’ve learned more about what it takes to unlock the desire and ability to learn new digital skills. And, in responding to the challenge of Covid-19, we’ve learned even more about working flexibly with our community partners

Adam Micklethwaite

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