Evaluation of the See It Differently project

This report explores the outcomes of See It Differently, a project we worked on with OnePlusOne to test ways of reducing parental conflict through digital and blended support.

Conflict between parents can have a lasting negative impact on their children. The stressors associated with disadvantages such as worklessness and low income can increase the likelihood of conflict as parents are left struggling to cope. Reaching parents where they usually access support or search for information online is an important step in being able to engage parents in improving their relationships.

Good Things Foundation, with OnePlusOne, were funded by the DWP Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund to develop and pilot digital content to help parents identify and reduce conflict in their relationship and explore the effectiveness of different approaches to sharing that content with parents. Our theory of change statement was:

If engaging, co-designed, story-based content using evidence-based Behaviour Modelling Training (BMT) techniques is placed in trusted online and offline channels, disadvantaged parents are more likely to recognise the problem, reflect, and seek further support if necessary.