Connecting with digital report

Read the report on our Community Connector programme, which evaluated the capacity-building effect of investing in individuals to work with front line workers to support the progression of people with mental health issues, or who are experiencing homelessness.

The Connecting with Digital report is an evaluation of our Community Connectors programme, run as part of the Reboot UK programme.

Reboot UK helps people experiencing homelessness, or mental health issues, to improve their digital skills and in turn their mental health and wellbeing. Community Connectors have been a key part of the programme – they are beneficiaries with lived experience of the issues faced by others, or people who are committed to co-production with people with lived experience. They in turn went on to recruit Digital Champions.

Through the programme we:

  • Created 15 Community Connector roles
  • Trained 259 Digital Champions
  • Supported 2,507 people