Broadening digital skills for future work

Good Things Foundation and Accenture partnered together to deliver the Future Proof: Skills for Work project, which sought to engage and support individuals with limited digital skills to prosper in the 21st-century workplace.

Key findings

7.4% of current jobs in England are at 'high risk' from digitalisations and automation

65% of current primary school children will work in jobs that do not exist yet

54% of current UK workers using the internet for their job

This report demonstrates how Good Things Foundation is working at the intersection of digital and social inclusion and how we want to better understand this aforementioned digital skills gap. We do this by working with our local and community partners, the Online Centres, and through external partnerships, to deliver projects that attempt to address this. Endeavouring to better understand the digital skills gap, last year saw us conduct a review of relevant literature relating to digital skills framework to allow understanding about their design, focus and what they may overlook. Furthermore, we extended our scope by examining associated grey and academic literature.