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  • Dementia and Digital

    16/09/2016 · Digital inclusion in communities | Health and wellbeing

    Dementia and Digital

    This report explores how basic digital skills and community-based support can improve the health and wellbeing of families affected by dementia.

  • Library Digital Inclusion Fund Final Report

    14/06/2016 · Digital inclusion in communities | Digital skills and adult learning

    Library Digital Inclusion Fund Final Report

    This report shares the findings of our digital inclusion activities project with libraries and our recommendations on how libraries can best deliver and utilise digital inclusion activities.

  • The eReading Rooms evaluation

    20/06/2013 · Accessing online services | Digital inclusion in communities

    The eReading Rooms evaluation

    Read the evaluation report for our eReading Rooms pilot programme, engaging with communities who are traditionally very resistant to community learning.

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