Action on Digital Inclusion Network

Bringing together nonprofit organisations at a global level, all with a commitment to digital inclusion.

Following a webinar with nonprofit organisations from the EMEA region in September 2020, Good Things Foundation is establishing a Global Action on Digital Inclusion Network.

The purpose of the Network is to bring together nonprofits at a global level with a commitment to advancing the cause of digital inclusion.

The Network will allow nonprofits to:

  • Share their work and learn from each other
  • Identify areas of synergy that could lead to partnerships
  • Advocate for digital inclusion in their country and at a global level.

Good Things Foundation will maintain the Network as an open and fully inclusive space for nonprofits everywhere working in digital inclusion. Our hope is that the Network will create value for members through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and inspiration; and by creating opportunities for action.

The focus on action is critically important and reflects the urgency of closing the global digital divide. The Covid-19 pandemic brought digital exclusion into even sharper relief, and the need to act to address digital exclusion has never been greater. So as well as sharing ideas and inspiring action in one another, we aim that the Network should be a forum for proposing and taking action, leading to exciting new partnerships between members.

The Network will meet twice a year, and Good Things Foundation will explore ways to bring participants together across time zones to create maximum connection.

Good Things Foundation will consult members of the Network to create agendas that reflect the issues and barriers they face. In this way we hope that the topics covered in agendas can be highly relevant and timely, and provide a clearer basis for potential action.

We will also work with our sister Charity, Good Things Foundation Australia, so that we can truly span the globe.

The establishment of the Network is made possible by a grant to Good Things Foundation from