Danielle Garwood

Network Specialist (Communications)

Danielle likes being in-the-know so she’s perfect for the role of Network Specialist - speaking with volunteers from Centres, hearing about the work they’re doing in their local community. As a creative person, Danielle really enjoys using photoshop to create new content for the Online Centres Network, writing the weekly newsletter for the Online Centres Network, and managing the Online Centres Network Twitter account.

Danielle says... “The world we live in is getting more reliant on technology and it's not fair that anyone should be left behind. 

"One thing I really love about Good Things is that the work we do is people-led, for example the work of our research team is not just theory driven but actually derived from conversations with the people who are most affected.”

Chloe keeps in touch with centres to provide them with updates that are relevant to them, as well as to find out what they ar