A Manifesto to Fix The Digital Divide

As the UK's leading digital inclusion charity, we've always had one clear mission: to #FixTheDigitalDivide - for good. We've been calling to current and now future Government to take digital exclusion seriously and set a strategic & practical pathway to digital inclusion for the country.

Featured resource: an Introduction to AI for beginners

We're on a mission to make sure no one gets left behind in the digital age. And as technology evolves, so does our mission!

That's why, supported by Accenture, we've designed a new animation to empower people with low digital skills to embrace the wonders of Artificial Intelligence in everyday online life.

Good Things powers free digital inclusion services

These services are delivered through the National Digital Inclusion Network, made up of thousands of organisations reaching digitally excluded people across the UK.

  • A woman helping a man setup and use a tablet

    National Device Bank

    The secure, sustainable and socially responsible solution for corporate IT asset disposal. Don’t dispose, donate your company's unused tech to the National Device Bank and help digitally excluded people get online.

  • National Databank

    National Databank

    Like a foodbank but for mobile data, the National Databank provides free mobile SIM cards to help digitally excluded people get connected.

  • Learn My Way

    Learn My Way

    Digital skills support is at the heart of the National Digital Inclusion Network. Learn My Way helps people with low or no digital skills to gain confidence and learn how to use the internet and digital technologies.

Reaching milestones for digital inclusion

In just one year of launching our new strategy, we made a real impact together with our partners and the National Digital Inclusion Network. But there’s still more we need to do – find out how you can get involved.


Stories from people supported to get online

“I feel that everything is falling into place, I’m more focused on my goals going forward rather than looking back at where I went wrong. My journey has made me stronger. Compared to where I was a year ago, I’m more ambitious and back to where Shahida was - I’m back to myself.”

Working together to fix the digital divide


Partnership with purpose

We don’t do this alone - our partnerships are the lifeblood that drive our ambition to fix the digital divide. We make a real impact by working with collaborative and innovative partners who share our passion to succeed in our mission.

If your organisation is passionate about social inclusion, digital transformation and environmental impact, then we want to explore a partnership with you.

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